Stormwater Device Repairs - Our Specialty
Repairs underway around a stormwater pond for an HOA in Lexington Park, MD.

Repairs underway around a stormwater pond for an HOA in Lexington Park, MD.

Something that we specialize in and take pride in is our ability to repair various types of stormwater management devices. From wet ponds, bio-retention ponds, rain garden, stone swales, dry wells, etc. we can repair, construct, install them all.

We work with both residential and commercial clients in making sure they stay in compliance with local, state, and federal stormwater regulations.

Reach out to us to inquire what your devices may require and how we may be able to help.

Gene McKenzie
Guest Speaker at Huntingtown Elementary School!!

I had the opportunity to talk to Huntingtown Elementary's 5th Graders today about what we do and why we do it. They showed more interest than I thought they would and were very interactive. 

They are currently going through their Land Development and Land Use portion of the curriculum and I spoke about the importance of filtering your stormwater, ways to do so, and what is involved with maintaining stormwater management facilities. 

The kids showed tons of interest in the construction process and seemed to understand the importance of sediment/erosion controls and stormwater management. Living in the Chesapeake Bay region, I think it is important that this is taught in schools. 

The future is bright for the industry! It's important to be involved in the community, and I had a blast talking to the kids.

Gene McKenzie
Welcome - Sadie Marie

On January 8, 2018 we welcomed our baby girl, Sadie Marie McKenzie, into the world. She came out screaming and healthy as can be. We are blessed to have her and consider ourselves very lucky to have such a wonderful addition to the family and McKenzie Contracting team. 

Gene McKenzie
Road Side Swales at Flag Pond Park

McKenzie Contracting has been working on a project with the Calvert County Government at one of our local parks. Flag Pond, located 20 minutes south of Prince Frederick, is a public park that has trails and natural resources leading straight to the Chesapeake and is often used by school programs for field trips. 

The park is open to the public and offers great hiking, site seeing, beach access, searching for shark's teeth, and even a well-maintained fishing pier. 

McKenzie Contracting has been fortunate enough to be able to help the Calvert County Government control erosion issues along certain access roads throughout the park. By cutting in swales and adding filter cloth and stone, run-off from the impervious asphalt is slowed down and filtered before reaching the Bay. Collecting silt from the run-off, the stone acts as a filter as well as slows down the storm water to prevent wash out or erosion from occurring. 

The environmental construction aspect of what we do is always rewarding, and being able to help a local public park reduce their runoff pollution is a win-win for both parties! 


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Fall Is Here - Seed, Sod, Aerate, Fertilize, Mulch, Leaves

Summer is officially on the back burner and the Fall season is here. This means more than bonfires, Octoberfest, deer season, rockfish, Ugg boots, and football (damn Fall is great). It also means it's time to think about your yard! Now is the time to aerate and over-seed or even replace existing conditions with brand new sod. New mulch in flower beds will help plants hold moisture and prevent against freezing. And don't forget - get those leaves up! 

To get your lawn prepped to look great in the Spring, give us a call for a free consultation on what you can do NOW. 

Rolling Out New Fescue Sod. 

Rolling Out New Fescue Sod. 

Website Is Up!

Excited to see our website finally up and running. It has been in the works for a long time, and we have finally gotten enough content together to make it happen. 

Thank you to customers who have given us wonderful testimonials and allowed us to share our projects with potential future clients. So many people ask for a website when dealing with a service based company, and we are relieved to finally be able to provide one.

Moving forward, please let us know if you see any issues with the site. We are constantly trying to make it better to make it an easy decision to go with our organization. 

Hope to hear from you soon!!